Same Sex Marriage Celebrant Coffs Harbour

Ceremonies by Kellie have experience working with a diverse range of couples, and can assist with ceremonies for individuals with varying backgrounds, lifestyles and thoughts about how they wish their special day to be.

Same Sex Marriage Celebrant

Find the right Celebrant for a LGBTIQ Ceremony

You’ve found the perfect partner for you, selected the ring, popped the question and saved the date – now it’s time to find the perfect marriage celebrant to make it official. Your wedding ceremony is something you can make uniquely yours. The right marriage celebrant will help guide you through the planning and preparation as well as ensure everything runs smoothly at the ceremony. Ceremonies by Kellie offers a “safe space” for your wedding. Love is Love. Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, a transgender person, you are welcomed and valued. We can create a ceremony which is just right for you.

Every same sex marriage celebrant will bring their own personality to the ceremony, and you’ll want to find a celebrant who’s the right for the ceremony you wish to create. We can help you create a ceremony which is will perfect for you, whether you want short and sweet or prefer a ceremony which is more traditional in nature.

The laws regarding same sex marriages have changed since marriage equality was passed in December 2017. They must now read a new monitum – the statement explaining the nature of marriage. Rather than the “union of a man and a woman”, the statement is now the “union of two people”. Further, couples may now refer to each other as spouse, rather than “husband” or “wife” if they prefer.